When are you born?

Our factory was born officialy on 1994 but research and construction started on 1971 with first telescope realization. Was continued with works, reparations, ecc on friends request. Video shot by Lolli Alfiero (Adriano`s father) on 1994

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Super zoom additional camera to utilize photografic lens

I have a reflex lens. Can i mount it on my camera with 37mm thread?

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Power adapter for Vixen SD-1 handset

Have you a power adapter for Vixen SD-1 handset? It has a reverse voltage and can not find it.

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Adapter ring to AATON 16mm

I have a 16mm AATON old camera. It`s possible utilize these lenses? Where?

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Adapter lowered ring for 2

I want use my 31,8 eyepieces on my telescope with 2" diagonal, but donesn`t focus. Focus is inside. Have you a connection?

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Angenieux 12 - 120 ZOOM: Modify, focus calibration and follow focus gear construction

I have an Angenieux lens with micro 4/3 adapter for Panasonic camera but i hven`t focus. Does your adapter work?

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Preview. Focuser prototype for Lunt 50 solar telescope

I have a problem with Lunt 50 focuser: the image moves to the right and the left when making the focus. It is very disturbing, how can you solve?

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Custom assemblies. Customization with Mechanical Optical Constructions

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