When are you born?

Our factory was born officialy on 1994 but research and construction started on 1971 with first telescope realization. Was continued with works, reparations, ecc on friends request. Video shot by Lolli Alfiero (Adriano`s father) on 1994

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How to defend yourself from the flight of the CORONAVIRUS

Scientific laboratory experiment showing how viruses and bacteria propagate in the air. The test makes us understand the importance of using masks and glasses.

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Comet Atlas y4 approaches, photographed together with two galaxies

Another comet is approaching, the ATLAS 2019 y4.   The first photos from the comet`s Adriano Lolli astronomical observatory together with 2 Galaxies. The comet is currently located about 165 million km from the earth and 258 million km from the sun, and very fast travels at 32 km per second. The d >>>

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Difficult infrared modification on Canon 6D with internal IR filter 800 nm

can you edit a full format infrared camera?

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