What`s the best lens to start fire?

Fresnel, is certainly the best lens to star fire. Is made in plastic material, so doesn`t crash.

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Easy Focus lever focus

How can you get the effect of continuous focus from macro to infinity visible in the professional films?

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10 Aprile 2017 - Congiunzione Luna Jupiter Spica in Fast Motion

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When are you born?

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3 steps of the ISS international space station

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50mm 1.4 Nikon VS Carl - Quality test to moonlight

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Start fire with the fresnel lens

What`s the best lens to start fire?

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Adapter custom for ANGENIEUX - ZOOM LEICA R 1:2.8/45-90

I have an Angenieux lens with Leica R graft. Is it possible utilize it with connection on Nikon camera?

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