When are you born?

Our factory was born officialy on 1994 but research and construction started on 1971 with first telescope realization. Was continued with works, reparations, ecc on friends request. Video shot by Lolli Alfiero (Adriano`s father) on 1994

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Angenieux 12 - 120 ZOOM: Modify, focus calibration and follow focus gear construction

I have an Angenieux lens with micro 4/3 adapter for Panasonic camera but i hven`t focus. Does your adapter work?

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data security protocol SSL activation(https) on the site:

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Modulate BARLOW SUPER PLAN-APO 2-3X diameter 31.8 (1,25

I have a Telescope with 3 meter focal lenght. To take picture Jupiter with my CCD camera, which focal lenght is necessary?

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Bolex Paillard 80 years and does not prove them. Appliances made to last over time

can you rebuild a gear of an old movie camera?

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C mount adapter to M42 lens

I have a Mintron camera. Can i mount reflex lens?

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CALIPER 0 ÷ 600 mm

I need a large caliber for large diameter measurements. I saw your article 4286 ( . Can you tell me how is it? From the pictures and description you can not understand, also the price is low.

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Hasselblad lens to micro four thirds camera adapter

Can I utilized my old Hasselblad lens on micro four third mirrorless camera?

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Canon Eos custom adapter for Canon FL 50mm 1:1.4 lens

I have a old Canon FL 50mm 1:1.4 analogic lens. Is it possible mount it on digital cameras?

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How to defend yourself from the flight of the CORONAVIRUS

Scientific laboratory experiment showing how viruses and bacteria propagate in the air. The test makes us understand the importance of using masks and glasses.

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How to disable the alarm of Dodge Nitro

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for microscope Leica comparator

Do you have a support for lunette of Leica comparator microscope to mount and rotate finds?

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