When are you born?

Our factory was born officialy on 1994 but research and construction started on 1971 with first telescope realization. Was continued with works, reparations, ecc on friends request. Video shot by Lolli Alfiero (Adriano`s father) on 1994

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Hard metal cutting

Is it possible realize bracket for my tripod in very resistant material (stainless steel)?

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UP CLOSE NF Celestron Binocular 7x50 / 7x35 / 8x40

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Sony Nex adapter for Leica M lens

I have a Leica M lens and I want to mount it on my new Sony Nex. Do you have a connection? How do you mount?

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Telescope photo adapter 2

I have a telescope with output 2" and I would like to apply my Canon eos photo for direct fire. Do you have a connection?

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Tripod with photographic head

Do you have a metal stand? I had bought a plastic but not worth anything.

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Universal cable release for cameras without remote release system

I have a camera free connection for cable release. I need to make extended exposures to the telescope. Have you a solution?

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The Eclipse 1907 - Georges Méliès - L`Eclipse du soleil

When is the next full eclipse in Italy?

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Adapter custom for ANGENIEUX - ZOOM LEICA R 1:2.8/45-90

I have an Angenieux lens with Leica R graft. Is it possible utilize it with connection on Nikon camera?

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Semiapo focal reducer 0,6 / 0,7X 2`` inch eyepieces

It is possible to increase the focal length of my eyepiece 2 "inches in order to have more field of view?

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Photographic adapter ring for microscopes consumer adapter photo Nikon Canon Pentax

I have a microscope with third way for photographic use. How i apply my camera?

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Changeable Telextender

I would like to take pictures with my camera eyepiece projection with interchangeable objectives. Have you got something?

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Safety precautions in tripod`s use

It is true that in the mountains is dangerous to bring photographic tripods?

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Super zoom additional camera to utilize photografic lens

I have a reflex lens. Can i mount it on my camera with 37mm thread?

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Micro 4/3 adapter to Contax G lens

I have a Contax G lens. I would mount it to my micro 4/3 camera. Do you have a connection?

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